Horse Riding

Guided trips only

Go for a horseback adventure and discover the valley of Heydalur, ride along the river until the fjord.
Try to gallop on a black sand beach and observe icelandic birds and flora.

Experience icelandic horses, their good temper and their five gaits.
They are the only horses in the world able to tölt.

Our professional guides will make you feel comfortable and safe.
Experienced riders, don’t miss the opportunity for a breathtaking journey !

We offer trips both for beginners and experienced riders.

1 hour trip 8000 ISK
2 hours trip 11000 ISK
Day trip 20 000 ISK

(Price per person.Two persons min.)

Special trips for younger kids

15 min tour 2000 ISK

Sea Kayaking

Guided trips

Enjoy the peacefulness of the fjord and observe seals in their natural habitat.
We’ll bring you 12 km away along the fjord Mjóifjórður where you will be able to paddle and observe seals.

If you are lucky, you might even see whales.

We offer trips both for beginners and experienced persons.

2-hours trip (1hour driving and preparation + 1-hour kayaking) 7000 ISK
5-hours trip 20 000 ISK

(Price per person. Two-person min.)

Kayak rental (2 person min)

Enjoy a trip on your own.
Only for experienced persons.

Half-day 5000 ISK
Full-day 8000 ISK

Please notice that these activities are dependent on the weather and require calm days without strong wind.
We advise you to go early in the morning or late in the evening.

Please notice that our guests are doing the trips on their own responsibility.

Thermal Springs

The natural thermal spring

This hot pot situated across the river is known since the 12th century and was blessed at that time by the bishop Gu›mundur the Good.
Enjoy a relaxing warm bath in the middle of wild nature.
The temperature is around 40°C depending on the outside temperature.

Heydalur’s thermal spring

Our guests are welcome to use this hot pot right next to the green house as well. The water is natural and pumped from the ground.
The temperature is around 40°C depending on the outside temperature.
It is the perfect spot to observe northern lights without getting cold in the winter and the autumn.

The swimming-pool in the green house

Our guests are welcome to enjoy the pool anytime.
The temperature is between 23 and 28 °C.
We are using the geothermic heat to grow vegetables and fruits in the green house.

The hot pot are reserved for the restaurant, camping and hotel's guests. 

Notice that our guests are using the thermal springs and pool on their own responsibility and that young kids have to be under their parent's surveillance.


Heydalur’s valley offers many possibilities for hiking.
A path runs along the river and brings you to some canyons, waterfalls or to the lake Ausuvatn if you walk up the mountain.
Walking around the fjord or visiting our troll Þrándur is also a pleasant option.


It is possible to go trout fishing in the lake Ausuvatn which is in the mountain over Heydalur.
Notice that it takes 2-3 hours hike to reach the lake.

Bird Watching

You can see many birds in the valley or around the fjord.
For example the puffin, the golden plover, the oystercatcher, and many others. All year round, you might be able to see sea eagles or the Icelandic falcon if you are lucky enough.

Winter Adventure Tours

Heydalur is the perfect place to observe northern lights from the middle of September to the middle of April.
Some other winter activities like ice fishing, skiing, hiking with snowshoes are also an option if the weather allows it.
It’s also very pleasant to enjoy the warmth of the thermal springs when it’s cold.

Organized trips 5 days/4 nights from 1st of September to 15th of April.
Come discover northern lights in Heydalur, enjoy winter adventure and Icelandic hospitality.

Professional guides
Small groups and family atmosphere
Personal service
Delicious local food
Wild and untouched nature
Encounter with local people
Geothermal hot springs
Relaxing and quiet environment
Different choices of activities

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